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  • StattoStatto is an initiative from digital agency Big Picture Advertising to make football even better.

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  • Our first StattoStatto project is this blog to help people find out where they can watch a game with the supporters of the team playing. Scroll down to categories, click on the team you want to watch - and we'll tell you where their supporters will be watching the game.
    London is blessed with people of all races and creeds and we think that watching a game with a bunch of that teams supporters is a great way to enjoy the World Cup. That's StattoStatto making football even better. Tell us if you know of more venues, or if you go to one of the matches and let us have any photos you take. And it's not just about London - if you know of somewhere suitable near you let us know and we'll include it.

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Eveline emailed us to say "I went to that pancake house and saw the second half of the game there. I read you were there too on your website. Indeed I was the only one (of five people by the way!!) in orange. The game on the Ivory Coast I also watched there, which was also aweful. The staff there was standing in front of the TV all the time, serving their extremely expensive drinks (4,50 for a Leffe??) and running around if it was 100 people they had to serve. In fact it was about 20 people, nobody wore orange. Now I'll never go there again."

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