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Andrew Howells

Your blog got me thinking about the potential role of interactive functionality (apps) and how valuable these will become as brands begin to recognise the real value of 'appropriate messaging moments'. I'd define this as useful dialogue and functionality in keeping with that persons interest at that time.

The smart marketers will, as you say, be thinking less about mass (old school TV thinking) in the first instance and more about quality. And quality, in part can be defined by the appropriateness and timing of the message that is being communicated.

Right now, we mostly visualise (at least I do) those smart marketers thinking about sponsorship/ownership opportunities around an immersive interactive experience, typically a game if we're talking entertainment. But that often does little to address the timeliness of the brand engagement. For example, I might be being entertained by playing a racing game, and yes one of the cars might happen to be a Type R Civic. Links, however they're delivered at this point to Honda product are virtually worthless. The only real winner here, I suspect, is to create a game where the participant get's to simulate a Type R driving experience because that's more in keeping with where the person's mindset lies.

A somewhat mundane example I grant you. But whatever, we do, we need to remember that the marketer is looking for corelation at some point.

The real winners strive to make the communication integral to the service being offered. I think this is the payoff that you're talking about.

Seeing this executed effectively, however, is still rare; a combination of lack of imagination, from media owners, advertisers and agencies and a lack of success stories making it to their attention.

One of the most exciting challenges in my opinion is to work out how video can be used to good effect to achieve the right result. If we can even part crack this one the results will be extraordinary.

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    • addictive!
      My new business - the full service mobile agency - Strategy, Creative, Tech & Media