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Peter Kim

Hi Simon - good point, the research could have been stronger with more media agency input. We did speak with people at the holding company level (WPP, Omnicom, MDC and others off the record) who addressed the role of their media units, but not the same as a direct conversation. The same could be said for PR - while I spoke to quite a few practitioners along the way, none were interviewed explicitly for the report. I have to keep you in mind for the next report (will email you directly).

Also, if anyone wants to read the report, the link is (requires registration): http://www.forrester.com/connectedagency (be warned, you'll be f2f with a super-sized pic of me!)

Simon Andrews

Thanks Peter - its a really interesting piece of thinking - you have sparked a really worthwhile debate.


I suppose its interesting because from an media agency group perspective there has been no exact way to deliver and make money from communities.. YET. Its more on the ground level that some interesting things are happening.... and media agencies / digital agencies are leading the way.
This is because they have media great insight into communities (not just because most of them are on facebook). But because the data and targeting is not too similar to what we have done previously making mass media more targeted. Its just evolving to much richer and small groups. This has also lead the supposed number crunchers(Media) into a more idea driven creative role.... because creative agencies dont get it.
Its a great time to be in media if you ask me

nice post,thanks simon

Simon Andrews

It is a great time to be in media - and a bad time to be in a creative agency


This is a really interesting post and a really big subject.

I think that traditional creative work will always be important because there will always be brands that rest on it, i.e: perfume brands, Guinness, and so on.
But certainly usefulness / offering services is becoming more and more important.
I, also, think that traditional creative people have an important role in working with digital people to create new technologies and services that will be relevant and valuable - services and technologies that will, also, be interesting.


Interesting post. Media definitely plays a big role in New Marketing. But in my opinion, with increasing fragmentation, nothing plays a bigger role than product. Hence the agency Farm System...


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    • addictive!
      My new business - the full service mobile agency - Strategy, Creative, Tech & Media