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Hi - we don't diss iphones but we do think that at the moment they are niche. The mobile internet hasn't been properly explained to the average person. They think email/browsing, when the comparative advantage of the mobile internet is in its mobility and proximity. Our research found that services that support these functions (such as location based services or vouchering) are by far the most popular. If only they were emphasised more in the communication - beyond a small audience, Facebook on the go isn't really that appealing!


Simon Andrews

I hadn't seen your research - which looks fascinating. But looking at admob data showing how much browsing is done; some stats I saw saying 10% of the population check their email on mobile and 3 billion app downloads suggest people see some benefit.
There is lots more to do but as your own research shows almost a quarter of the population do use their mobile to access the internet - which is 50% more than read the Sun - hardly a niche.
If you look back to when the web had similar user numbers to smartphones now you find it was right in the middle of the dotcom boom in 1999.
I don't disagree the industry needs to do more education but significant numbers of people already get it. Thinking of this as a niche is wrong.

Michael Schaefer

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on Apple's vision for the 'in between' market (between smart phones and laptops). If location based services are the way forward, and I think Simon is right, I'm real curious to see how the iPad takes advantage of that. At this point, beyond their loyal fan base, I'm thinking Apple got it wrong: not enough battery; too expensive; not obvious how to conveniently take advantage of location based services. If they can get the model and functionality right, the biggest opportunity I see for the iPad is as a super e-book/e-newspaper reader. Will Apple save the press?

Simon Andrews

I think the ipad looks interesting - but the big question is how big is the in between market?
Because iphone apps will work on the ipad we'll see this as a navigation device that is one more nail in the coffin of tom tom etc.
And talking to big publishers they are very focused on this space - like the NYT they do see this as a way of saving the press
Time will tell, but i'll be in the queue for one.

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