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James Cherkoff

Best of luck Simon...exciting times! ;-)

Richard D-H

Good work Simon.

Do email me about a spare desk amongst people doing lots work with Operators.

David Wilding

Sounds fun - best of luck Simon

Kris Hoet

Best of luck... and keep us informed of where you'll end up.


wow - I think we should talk very soon. Drop me a line.

Steve Simpson

All the best Simon, its been a pleasure working with you and getting to know you. I'm sure you'll make something happen and smartphones are a smart bet.

Let's get together again soon!

David Bentley

congratulations... looking forward to hearing more!


Sounds exciting. Hope it all goes fabulously, I'm sure it will be wonderful.

Fraser McCulloch

Best of luck Simon. Keep me posted your new venture.

George Nimeh

How exciting! Cup of tea sounds good. See you soon!

Kevin Lilly

Simon, let's plan on catching up in Shanghai or Vegas sometime soon. I'll take a pass on the tea, though. In the meantime, good luck!


Have a great new adventure Simon. Mobile ... you're right on the 'watch this space'. Stay in touch.

Robin Grant

Hey Simon


You should pop-in and see us for coffee (ok then, tea).


Ed Sharp

Hi Simon

Not sure if you know this but I also left Mindshare on Friday. I am also working on a start up, but not in the mobile space and agree with your comments about start ups at the moment. Call me on 07540617222 or email me edsharp100@me.com. All the ebst Ed


Good luck Simon, if you strike gold maybe you would be kind enough to buy Newcastle from Ashley ;-) Think we'll be playing Leeds soon enough.


congrats and good luck!


Sound interesting Simon.
I am doing some work on a smart phone !
Lets compare notes

genelle sharples

Hey Simon
Sounds like a plan! All the best for making your dream a reality. I enjoyed working with you!

Le'Nise Brothers

Congratulations! Very gutsy and very exciting!

Ben Shepherd

good luck simon - sounds exciting! have to agree, now is a great time.

cheers mate from australia


Hi Simon,

Interesting post.

I'd like to drop you a line - Can I get your email address?

Best wishes,



Simon, stay in touch and give me a shoutif you're in NY, Malcolm

Eleanor McDonald

Simon, how exciting - love to hear more. We could offer a friendly studio to camp in for a while if you like... Charlotte Street take your fancy?

Alistair Gillan

Hi Simon
I've just sent you a note on Twitter, but I don't use it much so not sure if that will work,(there is a ludite in me, deeply surpressed)
I've been creating and selling mobile content/marketing on and off for the last 4-5 years. In the last few months I have been successful in reigniting interest in mobile content with some of my old larger clients. If they come off I may struggle on my own. Would you be interested to meet for that cup of tea? Nothing gained, nothing ventured
Alistair Gillan

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